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Welcome to our website. We have created this website in order to share information. We live in southwestern Ohio and love to travel. We have friends and family living all over the world, so this is the our way to tell everyone what we are up to.

We enjoy traveling and hiking, have recently discovered backpacking and scrambling, and alpine climbing is on the horizon. We have included sections about each of these activities to share our experiences and entice others to try these activities. We hope these sections will help other people see and enjoy these activities.

And for those of you who don't know us, there is the "about us" section which gives you a very detailed idea of who we are.

So we hope you enjoy your surfing, and we encourage you to check back. We are always changing this site and adding new areas. If you can think of something you would like to see, let us know.

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The main menu on the left side of this page appears on every page at this site. Each topic on the menu has several subtopics. Clicking on a main menu item will bring you to a page that describes each submenu item and allows you with a second click to link to the submenu page. However, if you place the mouse pointer over a main menu item and wait a second or two without clicking, a submenu will appear. Clicking on a submenu item will bring you directly to the submenu page. Thus you can navigate directly between submenu pages. A few page allow a drill down past the submenu level. From these pages you can get to and main menu or submenu page directly or you may use the browser back button to move up a level in the drill down.
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What's New Since 10 May 2000

Remember, this site is under construction. The main menu sections associated with About Us and Links are somewhat completen. All others are mostly skeletons at this time. This website is currently tested only with Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Updates will be frequent until the site is complete. Explore and enjoy!!!!
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