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About Us

This section of my website basically gives the viewer some in depth information about us. If you are wondering, "Who are Greg & Connie", read through this section, and you will probably know more about us than my own mothers.

Getting to know us is actually a rather easy task. You probably should start with learning about the major events in our life's. If your interested in a chronology of our life, check out:
Our Life So Far

Did you know Greg's favorite type of coffee is cappuccino? Did you know Connie's favorite food is noodles? Did you know that Greg's favorite type of pasta is Cannelloni? We have listed all of our favorites from type of tea to brand cloths. To learn more of our favorites, click on:

Our Favorite Things

If you thought the "our favorite things" page contained a lot of useless information, wait until you read this next page. The "Facts About Us" page contains more useless information about us, check it out:
Facts About Us

So, you're wondering what we like to do. We don't just sit here on the computer all the time. We consider ourselves very active people. Take a look at:

Our Hobbies