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Our Favorite Things

Here is a list of our favorite things. As you will see, this list is rather comprehensive, but after reading it, you will never be able to say, "I didn't know that about you" again. So, without further ado, here we go:

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All time favorites:

Foods and Drinks:
Item Greg Connie
Food item: Steak Noodles
Food type: French Chinese
Food dish: Squid Noodles
Seafood: Salmon Shrimp
Soup: Cream of Mushroom Shrimp Noodle
Vegetable: Pea Corn
Pasta: Cannelloni Pene
Fruit: Banana Mango
Bagel: Garlic Cinnamon Raison
Snack: Dried Pineapple Peanut Butter
Non-Alcohol Drink: Water Water
Alcohol Drink: Singapore Sling Kahlua & Cream
Liqueur: Grande Marnier Bailey Cream
Pop: Diet Coke Iced Tea
Beer: Guinness Stout None
Wine: Chardonnay Riesling
Coffee: Cappuccino French Vanilla
Desert: Chocolate Tort Cheese Cake
Salad dressing: Poppyseed Ranch

Movies, Plays, Books, Music and TV:
Item Greg Connie
Movie: The Man in the Moon (1991)
Screen Actor: Danzel Washington Bruce Lee
Screen Actress: Sigourney Weaver
Stage Actor: Patrick Bruce Lee
Stage Actress:
Book: Snow Falling on Cedar
Author: Heimingway
TV Show: Travels with Rick Steves

Item Greg Connie
Worldwide City: Florence Hong Kong
North American City: Vancouver San Francisco
Season: Autumn Spring
Vehicle: Jeep Cherokee Mercedes Sedan
Department Store: LL Bean Parisian
Color: Blue Red