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Our Hobbies

Basically, we're a very active couple and find it hard to sit in one place. There are a number of activities that we do. In fact, we have a room where we keep all of our gear, and it's packed with stuff.

Hiking We love to hike. Luckily for us there are many mile of trails in nearby bike-paths, nature preserves, and state parks.

Backpacking With a empty nest we have turned our attention to explore new activities. In 1999 Greg was entranced by a quarter page Backpacker Magazine article about Sawtooth lake in Idaho. He left on his first wilderness adventure, a solo five day trip. The trip was a mystical, almost religious, experience and he was hooked. Connie discovered backpacking in the wilderness of Hawaii in early 2000. We're not in the best of shape but plan our outing within our abilities.

Scrambling & Alpine Climbing How can a person hike in the mountains and not what to climb something for a better view. The rewards of "being on top" naturally lead to climbs to harder to reach places. Technically, scrambling is the combination of hiking and free climbing. According to climbing books, it's mountain climbing without ropes. Greg has enjoyed a few scrambles and dreams of alpine climbing. As a start, a alpine training camp with summit attempt on Mount Rainier is being considered.

Rollerblading Strictly Greg's activity. Easier on the knees than jogging. A great way to exercise and hopefully stay is some form of shape.

Ballroom Dancing This is a activity we enjoyed for several years. Greg encouraged us to dance several nights a week. Good fun but Greg's enthusiasm burnt Connie out. Now many activities compete for "dance time" and we rarely get out. We still never pass up a dance contest or exhibition on PBS. Ah well, some day......

Gardening With two and one-half acres of property to care for you either like to garden or you move. We love our home and fortunately, Greg enjoys gardening.

Downhill Skiing Skiing is Greg's winter excuse to go to the mountains. Connie learned the essentials to prevent being left at home. Currently, grand children are taking up our ski time and we haven't been able to get much ski time in recent years.

Movie Going Well, here's something you can do all year. We can be a bit fanatical sometimes seeing two movies in one day. Independent releases, art house showings, and foreign films continually open new thought provoking horizons for us. We just can't stay home

Most of the above activities are rather "active", but we don't want you to think that we're some active freaks, who never stops to smell the flowers. Actually, I'm not terribly fond of flowers, but we do like some non-active things. For instance, we like to sit at a patio, drink beer, and "people watch." We also like movies, broadway-style musicals, and just walking around town.