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Our Lives So Far

The easiest way to explain our lives, is to bring you up to present a brief list of events:
  • Greg is a native of New York City and the Long Island area.

  • Connie is a native of Hong Kong.

  • Connie and Greg first meet as young adults in Hong Kong in 1968. Greg was a US Marine who visited Hong Kong very frequently; Connie was the hostess at Greg's favorite restaurant. We dated for about a year, our relationship became serious, and we considered marriage. Then Greg returned home to the United States. After a long distance relationship for another year, we lost contact and went our separate ways. We both married (someone else). Connie moved to the Midwestern United States and became a US citizen. We both started families. As fate would have it, we both divorced. Connie opened a restaurant in her new hometown. After 15 years of no contact, Greg started making frequent business trips the same Midwest city where Connie's restaurant was located.

  • Call it karma, fate, divine guidance, or luck. One day Greg went to lunch at the best Chinese restaurant in town and there was Connie ready to greet him. Romance renewed, we've been married for 12 years and look forward many more happy years together.

  • Along the way Greg graduated from St. John's University in New York. He graduated Summa Cum Laude with a BS in Mathematics. Greg continued his education and received a MA in Mathematics and a permanent New York State teaching certification for grades 7-12.

  • After graduation Greg taught math and computer science at the high school and college level. He pursued and enjoyed this career for ten years.

  • As the computer field exploded during the 70's, the challenges and compensation opportunities led Greg to the Grumman Aerospace Corporation. After 19 years, many projects, and three corporate mergers, Greg is still supporting challenging and interesting projects for Logicon, Inc. the wholely owned subsidiary and IT arm of the Northrop Grumman Corporation.

  • In 1993 Greg was offered a business challenge requiring him to lead an engineering team in the United Kingdom. So empty nesters, Greg and Connie, moved to London for a little more than a year. This was a great experience but a strong narcotic to our lust for travel.

  • After our return to the Midwest, our middle daughter presented us with a hansom grandson. One year later our son presented us with a beautiful granddaughter. Now 5 and 4 years old respectively, these two kids are a major joy in our lives.

  • Recent travels have taken us to China, Egypt, and the Canadian Rockies. We have many plans (including Vietnam, Asutralia, Peru, and Nepal), but too little time and too little money.

  • Now you are up-to-date with our lives.