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First Aide

All of us who venture into wilderness areas owe it to ourselves and our loved ones to be prepared for any eventuality. In wilderness areas we are on our own. That is part of the attraction for being in the backcountry. Accidents and illness are inevitable. Doctors, hospitals, and ambulances may be days away. This section of our website is dedicated to encouraging you to learn as much wilderness medicine as possible. We have provided descriptions of the most useful formal training course available. Please consider at least 30-40 hours of wilderness First Aide. The life you save may be mine, so study and practice hard. Hope this information is useful to you.

CPR. First Aide for the dead. CPR is administered to those who are not breathing and/or have no pulse. CPR provides essential help for the victim until emergency medical help and equipment arrives, usually minutes in a urban setting. Because of the long times involved in wilderness rescue,CPR techniques may not sustain the victim until help arrives. That said, it is still fundamental and important training. Check it out:


Wilderness First Aide training is a must have skill for all hikers, backpackers, and climbers. I believe the skills learned at this lever are the minimum skills required of everyone who ventures more than one hour away from regular emergency medical support. To learn more click on:

Wilderness First Aide

If you regularly lead a group into the wilderness, you need to attain this skill level. Check out:

Wilderness First Response

Beyond what most of us have the time or desire to achieve, but necessary to support long term remote area living. Take a look at:

Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician