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Our Favorite Gardens

These are our favorite gardens. They are include here because we love them. Each garden has a page where we detail our impressions, feeling, and genuine ahaw at their beauty. We enjoy them so much we return again and again and again............
Hope you enjoy them also.

Top of the Hit Parade. If you visit only one garden in your lifetime, let it be Longwood. Words are not enough, check it out:

Londwood Gardens, PA

Hard to believe this was once an abandon quarry. As a youth Greg read about Burchart in Readers Digest. It took decades to make a visit. Boy was it worth the wait. To learn more click on:

Butchart Gardens, Vancouver, BC

The national treasure of the United Kingdom. Check out:

Kew Gardens, UK

The world's largest Camellia forest minutes from downtown Los Angles. Take a look at:

Descanso Gardens, Gendale, CA

We can't complete with these gardens. Our garden is a very modest work in progress. To share our garden , click:

Our Garden