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Links to Other Websites

This section of our website helps you make connections. We do not recommend or endorse any site listed. We have used these sites in preparing for trips and have found them to be useful us. Hope they are useful to you.

These are our favorite equipment sites. They are include here by our whim. Our only relationship with these vendors is as a customer. We purchase much of our gear on-line or through catalogs. We have ordered from many of these vendors. Check them out:

Equipment Vendors

As new participants in many of the activities presented on this website, we have investigated many school. Here are a few. To learn more click on:

Schools for Adventurer's

Have a dream destination. This section contains sites we have used to research some of our destination. Check out:

Destination Information

We have joined several adventure club and researched many more. Here are some of our favorites. Take a look at:

Adventure Organizations

We have visited many public and private garden. To get more information about some of our favorites , visit these sites: